Wondering how to repair your Des Moines hardwood floors?

For today’s buyers, hardwood floors are a desirable aspect of a home. In fact, more real estate agents agree that homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell! But that’s not true if the floor is damaged. At Daylight Properties, we’ve been working in Des Moines for quite some time and we’ve seen our fair … Continued

Who pays for damage to a Des Moines property?

The renter or the homeowner/landlord? That’s a good question. We’ve been working in real estate in Des Moines for quite some time and we’ve seen a lot of disputes between renters and landlords about who should pay for damages to a property. The truth is that it really depends on the situation. Here are some … Continued

How do you repair a Des Moines cracked driveway?

At Daylight Properties, we’ve been working in real estate for quite some time and we’ve seen our fair share of cracked driveways — we’ve also FIXED our fair share of cracked driveways 😉 So… how do you do it? Fortunately, repairing a cracked driveway is probably something you can do yourself — it typically doesn’t … Continued

Selling your home in Des Moines?

Naturally, you want to get as much money as possible for your property! But real estate agents know that… and some will take advantage of that by simply telling you that they’ll be able to sell your house for more than other agents — and they’ll give you a listing price that’s too high. At … Continued

Considering moving from Des Moines to be closer to family?

At Daylight Properties, we’ve worked with a lot of homeowners in Des Moines who sought to relocate in order to be closer to family. And we get it. Family is important. There are a lot of reasons someone might want to move closer to family — help with raising kids, health issues, or simply a … Continued

Is your Des Moines real estate agent lying to you?

It’s a given that we all want to work with a real estate agent who’s honest about their costs, experience, and the condition of homes they’ve listed. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. At Daylight Properties, we’ve helped many homeowners who felt they couldn’t trust the agent they were working with. And really quickly, we … Continued

Are you planning to sell your Des Moines house as FSBO?

Good idea! By doing so, you avoid paying agent commissions and have much more control over how you market your home and whom you sell your home to. (Not to mention that it’s a seller’s market right now… so selling your home by yourself is easier than ever before!) Still, selling as FSBO might raise … Continued